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Michael Alan Mayer

Michael Alan Mayer (1951 –
Born in New York, raised in Florida since 1958 and residing in Minnesota since 1989, I am a serious history and time travel buff. He holds an MA in History from Delhi University in India (St. Stephen’s College), a BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison and spent 32 years in the airline industry.

I’m an avid collector of vintage periodicals of historical significance. History can be best experienced and learned by not only the studying the facts but by seeing things through the eyes of its contemporaries, which helps to to gain an understanding of events as they happened, in the context of the time period, without benefit of hindsight by reading the old newspapers and magazines. This allows one to experience the cultural and technological ambiance of the time which, he says, is as close to actual time travel as you can get.

I am deeply interested in spreading not only the history itself, but the ambiance as well. The cultural and technological context one can learn from the old periodicals of a given time period is a key to perhaps explain why something happened. History is too often taught in a dry manner, yet it is the greatest adventure there is and fiction can seldom hold a candle to it.

My aim in my books is to take my characters and the reader through time and history to experience it first-hand, in a fun and readable way, yet conveying interesting ‘snapshots’ of life in a particular time period, highlighting key elements of culture, technology and society at that particular time to capture the flavor of a given period.

Jack Finney’s masterpiece ‘Time and Again’ and George MacDonald Fraser’s novels such as the Flashman series and books like Mr. American are my inspirations for not only their marvelous prose but their historical fidelity and wonderful ambiance. (Fraser goes so far as to add footnotes documenting the seemingly unlikely events).

I’m also very picky about history as well. Historical and Time Travel novels with sloppy history, inaccurate details of life and technology in a particular time period are not only irritating but misleading and can shatter that illusion, the ambiance that the author tries to paint (like having a bad waiter in an expensive restaurant).

My philosophy is that history should be treated objectively, as pure science, not bending or ignoring facts (however elusive they may be)to suite one’s prejudices or ideology, however painful. The truth is the truth. In this first novel, I learned a lot about the decade of the 1920s during my research. Although I am writing historical fiction I will always try to get the facts as straight as possible while enjoying the journey of my characters as they experience it firsthand.

This first book takes one of my favorite decades, nowadays much neglected and highlights a highly plausible adventure, in that all the main events actually happened and I spun the fictional story around them. Schedules, prices, characters all were (or could have been) there at that time, the last week of September, 1927.

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