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A Dorothy Parker 120th Birthday Special! (August 22, 1893)

Free on Kindle August 20 thru August 24, 2013!



In honor of Dorothy Parker’s 120th birthday, August 22, 1893 I am offering my historically accurate tale based on real events for free on Kindle the week of her birthday, from August 20 thru August 24th. This time-travel adventure features Dorothy Parker and some of her Algonquin Round Table friends allowing you to take a walk back with us to the last week of September, 1927 to visit New York City in the Jazz Age and see Babe Ruth hit his record-breaking 60th home run.

The story was written based on research of events in the New York Times as well as other 1920’s periodicals and as I was writing it, did not know how the story would develop, until I researched the next day’s Times, including ship arrivals and departures, stock prices, etc. I stumbled upon the key event, the goodwill visit by the Japanese Navy to New York quite by accident (see news clips below).

Th story begins as an apparently harmless time travel trip back to 1927 using Philly’s Independence Hall as a time portal and then by train to New York to spend a week in the city and watch Babe Ruth do his stuff.

However, thanks to a series of interesting and seemingly harmless chance encounters, this  innocent trip back in time causes events to begin to spin out of control, involving bootleggers, gamblers, gangsters and kidnapping threatening the future as we know it. Along the way though, hang out with the incomparably witty Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Harpo Marx and others of the world-famous Algonquin Hotel’s Round Table, the beating heart of New York’s Jazz Age culture. Meet Dorothy’s friend, F. Scott Fitzgerald; run into a young and as yet unknown James Cagney, Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, a certain Japanese Navy midshipman* (naval cadet) and many others.

*The Japanese Navy made a goodwill visit to New York Sep. 28 – Oct 6, 1927 and their officers and midshipmen attended a Yankees game…

Japanese Navy training cruisers make goodwill visit to New York Sep 28, 1927

From the New Times: Japanese Navy training cruisers make goodwill visit to New York Sep 28 – Oct 6, 1927

The Imperial Japanese Navy made a goodwill visit to New York harbor Sep 28-30, 1927

Based on actual events, this is a historically accurate trip back to the past when modern America was born and women experienced their first liberation.

If you liked ‘Midnight in Paris’ or ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and enjoy Jack Finney’s ‘Time and Again,’ then you might like this book too! Enjoy! Available on Amazon both Paperback and Kindle editions!

Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table Amazon Page


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