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Capturing the Spirit of the Twenties – Old LIFE Magazine’s Christmas 1924 issue:

From the ‘The More Things Change – The More They Stay The Same Department’

The old LIFE was a humor magazine much like JUDGE, before being replaced by the photo journal LIFE in 1936 that we are familiar with.

This Christmas 1924 issue has these two cartoons that show that Christmas and its stress wasn’t much different back ‘in the good old days.’

  • The cover is just cute.
  • The cartoon strip: You and Your Christmas Present should be familiar to most of us men, and shows that people were not a whole lot different back then. By James Montgomery Flagg (Famous illustrator, particularly famous for the iconic ‘Uncle Sam Wants You’ WWI poster)
  • My favorite: The Night After Christmas just nails the fact that Christmas was just as stressful back then.


In my book, which deals with the last week of September, 1927, I don’t for a minute suggest that the ‘Good Old Days’ were better than today, just that they were different in the 1920’s which was a seminal decade in American and indeed world culture. It represented a permanent shift in attitudes led by women and the young with new liberal ideas, when modern America was born. Yet the old conservative ways were a long time dying, with the rejuvenation of the Ku Klux Klan, racial discrimination, lynchings and other ills that only gradually died off with another decade of liberation, the 1960’s, yet the march of modernization and hope really took hold in the Roaring ’20’s.
To find out more, and have some fun along the way, take a walk back in time with us to the last week of September, 1927 to see Babe Ruth hit his record-breaking 60th home run. Hang out with the incomparably witty Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Harpo Marx. Meet Dorothy’s friend, F. Scott Fitzgerald; run into a young and as yet unknown James Cagney, Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, a certain Japanese Navy midshipman and many others.
If you liked ‘Midnight in Paris’ or ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and enjoy Jack Finney’s ‘Time and Again,’ then you might like this book too! Enjoy! Available on Amazon both Paperback and Kindle editions!

Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table Amazon Page


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