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Capturing the Spirit of the Twenties:  At the Wit’s End’s Monthly Celebration of the Jazz Age:

Finally took a walk back in time – to Don Spiro’s The Flute, scene of the Sep 29th 2012 ‘Flapper’s Holiday’ Jazz Age Celebration. Vintage-style dress was strongly encouraged. Sadly, lacking a vest but with my double-breasted pin stripe suit and Fedora, I felt I made a passable Jazz Age figure.

Here is what I wrote about the party:

At Don Spiro’s The Flute’s Sep 29 2012 Wit’s End celebration: Flapper’s Holiday. I took a walk back in time at last! Since my book concerns time travel back to 1927, it was like a dream come true! With everyone in vintage dress, prohibition cocktails served properly in coffee cups (“I wanna nother cupa coffee….”), and the superb Jazz Age music of Molly Ryan and the band, the joint was jumping! (Molly recorded some songs for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) They even had dance lessons for thems as have two left feet.

The music and the dress carried the atmosphere nicely. The flapper spirit was alive and well. After a few ‘Bad Romances’ and a bit of shell-shock from a French 75, I began to feel that if I went upstairs, it wouldn’t be 2012 anymore but 1927. Some in the bar even began to resemble some of the Round Table group. For sure I ran into FPA, and insouciant wit who was the image of Dottie, another one was Marc Conelly and so on. Those prohi drinks really do a number on you. Luckily, all was well topside and I bespoke a cab reassuringly driven by a Korean chap, and passing the Chrysler Building I decamped to snag a requisite hotdog by GCT for a post-midnight snack before tooling over to my hotel more or less in one piece.

To find out more, and have some fun along the way, take a walk back in time with us to the last week of September, 1927 to see Babe Ruth hit his record-breaking 60th home run. Hang out with the incomparably witty Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and Harpo Marx. Meet Dorothy’s friend, F. Scott Fitzgerald; run into a young and as yet unknown James Cagney, Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel, a certain Japanese Navy midshipman and many others.
If you liked ‘Midnight in Paris’ or ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and enjoy Jack Finney’s ‘Time and Again,’ then you might like this book too! Enjoy! Available on Amazon both Paperback and Kindle editions!

Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table Amazon Page


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