Kindle and Paperback versions of Time Trippers now fully linked and available on Amazon.   Leave a comment

Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table is now fully available in both paperback and Kindle versions on! It is finished at last.

Since all of the marketing of my humble book has been done ‘bass-ackwards’ I’ll be releasing the press releases by the end of November in time for the Christmas holiday shopping, and setting up some book signing events. Should have done all that before the book was released. Oh well, live and learn.

While the book may appear on the surface to be, “Ho hum, another amateurish, sloppy self-published book brimming with puerile drivel.”  But in fact, its very accurate history (with an MA in History I could hardly do less) and a highly plausible story based on actual events and provides, as I’ve said ad nauseum,  a realistic ‘snapshot’ of life and culture in the Jazz Age, carefully modeled. A CEO of a tech company here in Minnesota found it not only entertaining but he said that he learned a lot about the 1920’s, that it was a more significant decade than he thought, and even suggested that it would make a good movie or should become a radio play for ‘A Prairie Home Companion!’ Nobody was more surprised than myself at this!  So, boys and girls, please check it out. Your support is always appreciated!

Now working on the two sequels as well as my ‘Inspector Tanaka Murder Mystery’ new book project.


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