Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table   Leave a comment

A grandfather takes his two grandchildren to New York to tour the city and see a Yankee’s game. Not in the present, but through the aegis of Harry Houdini’s lost magic wand they travel back in time to the last week of September, 1927 to experience life in the Jazz Age and to see Babe Ruth hit his record-breaking 60th home run.

Staying at the Algonquin Hotel, at lunch thanks to the kids, they make friends with Harpo Marx, Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and other famous writers and critics, the hotel’s world famous Round Table lunch group. Touring the city, they meet other famous and soon-to-be-famous people, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Cagney, and a certain Japanese Navy Midshipman to name a few.

These chance encounters and the seemingly innocent trip in time unleashes a series of events that begin to spin out of control. The reputation of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, the outcome of World War Two and the future as we know it is in serious danger!

The story is spun around actual events that occurred in that last week of September, 1927. Schedules, show times, prices (as far as possible), and events  are real. They serve as an accurate and educational snapshot of life at the height of the Jazz Age such as the first true women’s liberation, technology, transportation, fashions, manners and morals, crime, prohibition and Wall Street in that unregulated, free-wheeling era.


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