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This blog will be about my forthcoming book (one of a series of mini-novels):

Time Trippers: The Nights of the Round Table

(A week in 1927)

Having discovered Harry Houdini’s long-lost, secret  ‘magic wand’ that was inadvertently sold to me on Ebay that turned out to be endowed with the power to send one through time if one was in the right time  portal, after a successful solo trip, I decided to take my grandchildren on an apparently innocent excursion to New York City in 1927, to tour the city, get a snapshot of life in the decade when modern America was born, when women had their first liberation, and to see Babe Ruth hit his famous 60th home run.

Not wanting to interfere with anything that could change the present, it seemed like a safe bet, but things began to spin out of control into a chain of events that could have changed modern history if we’d only known!


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